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Talbot Hobbs Memorial Relocation

  • Project Information

  • Contracting Company:

    Screwpile Australia
  • Location:

    Elisabeth Quay, Perth
  • Application:

  • Completed:

    July 6, 2014

As a part of the Elizabeth Quay Development, AT Brine and Sons invited Foundation Engineering to design a suspended slab foundation for the relocation of the Talbot Hobbs Memorial Statue.

The statues new location near the corner of Barrack Street and Riverside Drive in Perth posed challenges such as heritage kerbs and trees restricting access and close proximity to groundwater.

Offering minimal intrusion and due to the locations proximity to groundwater, a Screwpile foundation was determined to be the preferred method.

A geotechnical report compiled by a third party provided (specified?) the necessary design parameters for a deep foundation. The screwpiles were designed to carry an ultimate loading of 290kN with the helix founded under on the clay/sand layer (Guildford Formation).

The other challenges faced during the project included:

  • Tight schedule between receiving the works order and completion of installation in time for Anzac day.
  • Design requirements including 100 year moderate corrosion rate (0.04mm/year)
  • Minimising disruption to grass and surrounds when accessing site.
  • Amending design and locations to accommodate roots from heritage trees.