With over 25 years of site experience Fondex are one of Australia’s leading foundation stabilisation underpinning and microfine cement grout soil injection specialists. Fondex has successfully provided engineered foundation and ground stabilisation solutions on thousands of projects throughout Western Australia.

Services & Applications

Fondex provides a wide range of soil stabilisation and ground retention services, including microfine cement grout injection, ground anchors, grouted soil nailing, sand anchors, contiguous concrete piles, grout piles, building underpining & stabilisation, void filling and foundation upgrades.

How it Works

Microfine cement grout is injected into the ground under pressure.  Permeation occurs and depending on the techniques used various forms are constructed underground.  The structures formed are typicall gravity retaining walls, curtain walls, small and large diameter pile columns all designed to support or retain structures and the surrounding ground.  Fondex only uses the highest quality Microfine 900 Series grouts from the best manufactures in the world to maximise permeation. Curing typically occurs over a 5-7 day period.  Thereafter excavation can occur if required.  The “caveat” to this is:  Fondex should always be advised of any excavation works prior to doing so as it may be a contractual requirement for our Operations Manager to inspect the site prior to, or during any excavation works to ensure safety and that the size, strength and thickness of the underground grout structure is in accordance with the intended engineering design.

Fondex – Engineering Details

The detail below is a typical example of an injected Microfine cement grout underpinning, soil retention and stabilisation solution, (non-specific).


Grout permeation is a process of injecting the ground with specialised microfine cements using colloidal mixers, spears and low pressure.

No matter how large, small or complex, our engineers provide the optimum solution.

No matter how large, small or complex, our engineers provide the optimum solution.

No matter how large, small or complex, our engineers provide the optimum solution.

Why Use Fondex

  • Site Accessibility
    Fondex can be installed on sites with access limitations and tight working conditions.
  • Vibration Free
    Unlike sheet and board piling a Fondex's solution uses no vibration, thus eliminating the risk of damage to adjoining structures.
  • Cost Effective
    Compared with conventional retention and stabilisation methods Fondex provides the most cost effective and time efficient solutions.
  • Engineers Certification
    All Fondex work is designed and certified by our structural and civil engineers.