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Perth Stadium

Lead by FEG's GM Damien LoneyScrewpile Australia has completed the screw piling for the electric overhead rail line catenaries for the Perth (Optus) Stadium Rail Project. We were elated to once again be working with the management and construction team at head contractor Laing O'Rourke (LOR) on this world class project. LOR's commitment to providing a construction site that is safe with seamless procedures was appreciated and is to be commended.

                                     Installing Raked Screw Piles

Special mention goes to LOR Construction Manager Declan Larkin and Site Engineer Tim Norris for their prompt assistance and action when technical matters required urgent response to ensure timeline continuity.

One hundred 273CHS and 168CHS (up to 12m deep) galvanised raked and vertical screw piles were installed in grouped and mono grid surveyed locations.  Ground conditions were highly variable as the site largely crosses the old filled Burswood rubbish dump.

                      Screw Pile Grouped Installation

Screw pile heads terminated with gusseted shop-welded interface flange plates designed to couple directly to the catenary column steel base plates and grillage's, as tight pile installation tolerances were critical for the surveyed overhead catenary locations. These flange plates were used to drive screw pile installation.

                  Grillage & Screw Pile Installation

Our detailed piling installation logs show just how accurate final outcomes are with average (x-y) tolerance being in the range of 5-10mm and a (z) tolerance of 1-5mm over the entire project, showing just how project committed our piling crew was.

                  Precision Screw Pile Installation

With Western Australia’s largest (200,000Nm/200 tonne) calibrated pendulum rotary hydraulic powerhead and “Torq-a-tron” monitor, final installation torques averaged out at 50,000 through to a maximum of 147,000Nm.

                 ISL Screw Pile Compression Load Test

Our 120 tonne combo-load test reaction frame allows for combined compression, tension and lateral load tests without the need for re-establishment or additional setup of the assembly. All pile settlement and deflection test results were well within specified allowable criteria. 

                  Screwpile Lateral Load Test 

We took this opportunity to conduct additional lateral lever arm reference load testing. When the horizontal serviceability load was applied to the pile shaft, at a lever arm of +0.5m from the specified RL, 45mm deflection occurred. When the same serviceability load was applied to the same screw pile after being driven to the specified GL-RL deflection was recorded @3mm.

Screwpile Australia's Operations Manager, Andrew Gordon, lead our installation crew in a demonstration of professional integrity and expertise, achieving all deliverables including successful load testing outcomes, repetitive precision installation, adherence to project timelines, meeting or exceeding all safety and QA systems and budgetary requirements.  Challenging site conditions included variable ground conditions and working around a large number of multi-trade sub-contractor disciplines without disruption added to the overall challenges.

Structural engineer Emily Hunter from Foundation Engineering Consulting supervised the load testing regime and the screw pile installation was certified as per the design.

FEG is immensely proud of our team of professionals and congratulate all that made this project a total success.