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Screwpile Australia - 140 x 6m Screw Piles on Multi-Storey Apartments Kings Park

  • Project Information

  • Contracting Company:

    Screwpile Australia
  • Location:

    Mount Street, Kings Park, Western Australia
  • Application:

  • Client:

    Mercedes Constructions

Mount Street Kings Park delivers steep gradient construction and site access challenges.  Most sites are new develpoments of old building sites containing existing retaining walls and surcharge loads from neighbouring properties.  Our associate company Fondex Microfine Grout Injection Services was first engaged by Mercedes to stabilise the site and surcharge loads prior to excavation and screw piling works.

Our engineers at Foundation Engineering designed 130 x 210kN compression screwpiles to support the building using the medium dense/dense sands beyond 5.0m below GL.  Prior to completing the works additional screwpiles were required for the constructions crane tower base.