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Broome Beach Seawall Screw Piling

  • Project Information

  • Contracting Company:

    Screwpile Australia
  • Location:

    Broome, North-Western Australia
  • Application:


The new Broome Beach Seawall has a number of beach landing stairways & platforms which provide safe beach access during significant tidal movements of 10m. Pre-planning made for polypropylene casings to be inserted into the new seawall armour where the screwpiles were inserted & wound through to target depth. Concrete was then placed in the void between the screwpile & poly-casings.

                                      Screw Piling Seawall Platform & Stairways

Screw pile installation needed to be coordinated with the lowest low tide period for the month to allow for the longest available low water period. Broome Beach is a low mangrove shallow beach & the 10+m daily tide moves in & out at great speed so timing was everything to obtain the necessary efficiencies for all the stars to align.

                    Screwpile Installation Between Tide Movements

The project was a total success. Propper planning enable work continuity and highlights the speed, versatility and economics of screw pile utilisation in applications such as this.

                    Screwpile Installation Broome Beach

Stairways & Platforms fitted perfectly as screw pile installation tollerances were well within the allowable limits.

                    Stairways Being Installed on Screwpiles

                    Broome Beach Beach Access Stairways & Platforms on Screwpiles