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AK Stadium Screwpile Ground Anchors

  • Project Information

  • Contracting Company:

    Screwpile Australia
  • Location:

    Perry Lakes, Perth
  • Application:

  • Client:

  • Completed:

    Sept. 13, 2012

Architects went all out on the style and design of this new stadium. Not only does it look great, internally the roof system spans enormous distances and a majority of the design loads are external of the building itself. Large capacity tension piles were required to transfer forces back down into the ground via tensions and haunch blocks. Foundation Engineering designed 500kN x 6m long raked post tensioned screwpiles. Grouped anchors were installed in footings where loads were greater than 500kN.

We installed the screwpiles in record time allowing for immediate post tensioning and grouting of the installed ground anchors. Post-tensioning ensured any anchor creep was limited to just a couple of millimetres during and after the construction and installation of the roof suspension system.