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Over 20 Years of Screw Pile Design, Manufacture and Installation - Screwpile Australia

The development of sewer screw piles in 1996 by Screwpile Australia created a quite revolution in the way buildings & structures foundations were piled within WaterCorp easements.  Prior to then concrete piles were the norm.  Sewer screwpiles eliminate inherant construction problems associated with concrete piles such as, high water-tables, hole collapse and caverning, and hard ground penetration, all resulting in difficulties to achieving the minimum specified pile depth to below the sewers invert level.  

Screw Pile Boardwalk Install - Swan River Foreshore - Garvey Park, Ascot

Garvey Park foreshore on the Swan River, Ascot in Western Australia is currently undergoing an enhancement program.  Part of the improvements include new steel fabricated walkways & a beach deck ramp for the boating/kayaking club.  Foundation Engineering was asked to come up with a pile design that would deliver practical installation as the shoreline consisted of very loose-sandy-peaty mud.

Building Settlement Stabilisation Underpinning

Over time your house foundations move.  Where movement exceeds footing deign limits, excess stress will be applied to the footings causing them to bend, crack and or rotate.  This stress will be transferred to any concrete slab or wall above, causing masonry cracks and in severe cases compromise your homes structural integrity.  To an engineer experienced in building settlement the nature of the cracks can indicate the type of stress load and why it occurred.

Piling and Soil Retention and Stabilisation Industry Safety Notice

Screwpile Bollard

Screw in Bollards are the practical way of having highly visable safe work zones. The bollard can then be removed and reused in any location . They can be designed at any height and size and can be fitted with chains to control access.