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Soil Stabilisation & Retention System

Grouted Boundary Retention System

Screwpile Australia - Screw Pile Installation (140 x 6m) New Multi-Storey Apartments Kings Park

Installation of over 140 x 220kN x 6m deep screw piles at Mount Street, Kings Park for Mercedes Constructions was completed a few months back.  Construction of the multi-storey apartment developement is well under way.  Overall construction has been challenging is so far as restricted access both on and off street.  The Mercedes construction team of professionals Adrian Gagiero, Declan Sloan and Rob Voss worked very closely with FEG's GM Damien Loney and Screwpile Australia's Operations Manager Andrew Gordon to ensure site constraints were constantly reviewed and managed.  The understanding and asistance recieved from the Mercedes construction team was much appreciated and resulted in successful project outcomes for all concerned.

How Would You Ensure This Didn't Happen on Your Next Stabilisation/Retention Project

Sub-standard microfine grout soil injection techniques and the wrong choice of microfine cementitious grout for the soil to be treated is becoming an increasing problem for builders and the piling stabilisation industry in Western Australia.  Lets cut to the chase here and discuss why this is happening.

Building Settlement Stabilisation Underpinning

Over time your house foundations move.  Where movement exceeds footing deign limits, excess stress will be applied to the footings causing them to bend, crack and or rotate.  This stress will be transferred to any concrete slab or wall above, causing masonry cracks and in severe cases compromise your homes structural integrity.  To an engineer experienced in building settlement the nature of the cracks can indicate the type of stress load and why it occurred.

Getting it RIGHT for Microfine Grout Soil Injection is more important than just PRICE

The current Construction Industry economic climate is highlighting serious flaws in Western Australia’s Building Regulations and relevant Licensing Legislation.